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I joined ISPI in the past century. In 1993, to be more precise.

Looking at the world we live in 23 years later, it's hard to find some aspect of the way we work and collaborate that hasn't changed fundamentally.

Back in 1993, the Internet was still in "experimental mode...

Mariano Bernardez, PhD., CPT

Executive Director, Performance Improvement Institute (PII)

Director Performance Improvement Global Network, ISPI

Back in 2005, the Sonora Institute of Technology invited our team to design and become the founding faculty of a new initiative f...

While interest and investment in measurement-related technology is growing exponentially, technology is one of the most misunderstood, and poorly managed, areas of performance measurement. How much is technology really helping? Is it making measurement better, or just...

Three recently published books exploring the engines for growth and social development in the knowledge economy of the 21 century expose different facets of the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems that are the focus of the work of our Performance Improvement Institu...

Just like their dwellers, cities can get sick.

When that happens, each citizen experiences multiple and dramatic symptoms affecting daily life: crime and insecurity, pollution, traffic jams, sanitary and waste management problems, air, water, damage and loss of property...

Beyond the bluster and stereotyping of election politics on both side of the Rio Grande, there is a real way to solve both US and Mexico problems: developing high-quality jobs that can keep (and attract) professional talent in Mexico adding value to US and our shared w...

"Being in favor of job creation and ignoring employing organizations is like being pro-eggs and anti-chicken.”

Gov. Tim Pawlenty

A recent set of articles and books by Berkeley economist and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Enrico Moretti provides some thought-...

Since NAFTA, the North American Trade Agreement, was implemented, twenty years ago, trade between Mexico and the United States has grown more than six times and went from 27.1% of GDP in 1883, to 63.1% in 2015. Today, Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the...

Argentina is producing strong changes.

A new federal administration led by President Mauricio Macri started last December a new economic, institutional and international policy program.

It could be said that the new administration is turning from populism towards a more...

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