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 This year's the traditional International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Conference will take place in a city that is a case of "performance improvement" gone wrong: New Orleans.

A recent article on The New Yorker titled "Louisiana disappearing coast" expo...

The Prosperity Paradox (Christensen, Efosa & Dillon, 2019) discusses a critical component for successfully moving people and communities out of poverty and deliver sustainable return on social and financial investment.

Clayton Christensen's "innovator's dilemma" -the re...

 Urbanists and city planners often look "up" to the mega-cities for keys to success -or even failure-. New York, Chicago or San Francisco, Paris, Buenos Aires, Shanghai or Mumbay have occupied the front and center of attention of government, mayors, investors and real...

One key success factor for transforming cities and neighborhoods is to move from a focus on a "master plan" to a one of "eyes on the street" that focus on the perspective of a dweller or a visitor, instead of those of architects, engineers or other urban planners.

We mu...

How about building President Trump’s controversial border wall with solar panels and in Mexico? Taking on a controversial and politicized issue can be an opportunity for generating "win-win", non-zero sum alternatives.

Our Innovation Lab experts discussed that concept a...

Around the world, cities and region grow innovation districts trying to emulate the success of Siliucon Valley  Creating sustainable startups able to provide well-paying high-quality jobs requires more than building tech parks and removing red tape. Developing successf...

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