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To Break Bread with Someone

Definition: To share a meal with someone.

This expression means more than just eating; it is sharing a sense of brotherhood with someone or some group of people. It is a significant event that fosters some meaningful connection and cooperation...

Microsoft and the University of Washington announced they had produced a breakthrough in computing power, by storing and retrieving video files successfully in a DNA molecule.

With its vast flexibility and capacity for multiple, parallel computing, DNA computing is quit...

Agricultural and agribusiness innovation has always been controversial. The results of the Green Revolution started in the  1960s by Norman Borlaug -awarded the Nobel Price in 1970- in Mexico (Sonora and Mexico City) and the less known but equally consequential M.S. Sw...

Networks, explains Harvard's economic historian Niall Ferguson in his latest book The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook, are key to understand how economic innovation and revolutions happen. Networks precede formal institutions,...

The old MBA paradigms based on long and complex, analytics-based strategic plans, demographics and focus groups research, large investments on a new product or service and even larger in marketing and sales campaign are plainly obsolete. Cash-rich, brand-recognized com...

Uber's public scandals and its spreading business, legal and financial consequences showcases dramatically the importance of grown-up, well-balanced management at the helm of fast-growing high-tech startups.

Uber's plight illustrates the challenges and of growing App-ba...

“Change has three stages: in the first stage, it is impossible. In the second stage, it is improbable. In the third stage, it is inevitable.”

Barack Obama, community organizer,

44th President of the United States

“The pilot experience (or prototype) was a success, and we...

It only takes a small incident -a minor street accident, moving to a new neighborhood, calling 311 or 911, challenging a wrong charge- to spend an entire day in frustrating obstacles and endless red tape.

Neighbors and residents get a “triple hit” on their heads and poc...

The difference between a great idea and a good investment can be hard to figure out for most startups.

Our colleagues at Chicago Booth's School of Business and venture capital managers provided some answers from the investors' side of the equation.

Curiously, "hard" metr...

Doing good is no longer a matter of charitable, non-profit organizations. It is the matter and the reason for profits,

31 states have now recognized a new form or incorporation, the Benefit or B-Corporation, which is defined as a corporation that includes positive impac...

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