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Roger Kaufman wrote this Fable back in 1991, as part of his book Strategic Planning Plus. I asked him for his permission to republish it in this Review, because I think it summarizes in a poignant and literary way the choices we can make in our professional direction.


“Change has three stages: in the first stage, it is impossible. In the second stage, it is improbable. In the third stage, it is inevitable.”

Barack Obama, community organizer,

44th President of the United States

“The pilot experience (or prototype) was a success, and we...

It only takes a small incident -a minor street accident, moving to a new neighborhood, calling 311 or 911, challenging a wrong charge- to spend an entire day in frustrating obstacles and endless red tape.

Neighbors and residents get a “triple hit” on their heads and poc...

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April 11, 2020

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