September 17, 2020

April 11, 2020

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Where’s the client? – Keeping Sharing business models honest & sustainable

May 8, 2019

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Performing under Pandemic Conditions: Value Chains, Business, Workforce, E-Performance


Nobel Laureate and expert in economic crisis and recessions Kenneth Rogoff is inviting us to think about the challenges but also opportunities during the current global pandemic that might last from 6 to 18 months ahead.

Here are some key ideas


1. Avoid Panic Rush: Running under fire only fuels the flame –


Let's remember President Roosevelt's advice confronting the Great Depression: nothing to fear more than fear itself



Replace rush to act with rush to think and communicate. Start with your neighbors and friends. Organize and plan together from supplies to support to all other immediate needs.


2. Adjust and adapt: Amazon’s hiring – Leading example


Why is Amazon hiring 100,000 new workers? Because they plan ahead and switch people from social contact jobs -such as store floor in Whole Foods- to back store and delivery.


3. Delivery is king


Uber loses passengers, but Uber-Eats gets deliveries.



The architect of Gulf War One (1991) decisive victory, late General Schwartzkopf said “when it comes to war, amateurs talk about troops and guns, professionals think logistics”.


Now is time for delivery, replacing passengers with cargo.


4. Value chains must be reorganized and protected


No country or city or region can self-isolate for too long. It’s like holding respiration. Instead, lets look at how to reorganize supply and value chains as WSJ suggests


“Locking” people requires keeping supply chains and trade borders open and more efficient than ever.


That’s why US and Mexico announce they will do exactly so. Let’s help with ARISON Mega region.






5. E-Performance is there to help – 20 years in the waiting


We have been training and working online for 20 years. We have e-commerce at our fingertips, in our smart phones. Time to use it.













Social Capital: Connecting online – Social Networks as “rafts” for society


Lets connect. We will be soon inviting you to join our Performance Network Emergency Groups.




















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