Scope of Services: three levels of performance

Individual and team performance
PII develops customized programs for individual and team performance, focused on results.
Our GE-type workouts proved measurable ROI in terms of increased revenue and/or cost reduction through high levels of employees and teams engagement & motivation.
Organizational Performance
Path-breaking companies such as Amazon, Whole Foods, Google or Apple develop superior perfomance by focusing in providing a superior customer experience.
Our PII model follows the same "outside-in" approach, designing processes, services and products to provide a superior user experience that adds extra value to the customers over competitive alternatives.
Societal Performance​
Our programs for developing and improvong societal performance help build systematically value chains serving common clients and generating value, as well as turning around cities and communities with a systemic approach.

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Client experience know how

Our Customer Experience model helps define clear and effective performance standards improving customers' experience.