Gonzalo Rodrigez Villanueva, Roger Kaufman Award 2015


Gonzalo will bring the experience of developing the Arizona-Sonora (Ari-Son) megarregion, connecting 6 cities in Sonora, Mexico, with other 4 cities in Arizona, creating more than 15,000 jobs, increasing growth, trade and reducing poverty and crime with the Performance Improvement Institute.

Gonzalo is the director ISPI Mexico chapter, chartered in 2009 and executive director of Ari-Son ecosystem.

Diego Fernandez, Secretario de Integracion Social y Urbana de Bs As


Diego Fernandez is the leader of a innovative transformation of the slums of Villa 31 in Buenos Aires into a new integrated neighborhood, Barrio 31. Diego was awarded the RKA for social innovation and will share his experience with all participants in a special session.

Surse Pierpoint

Colon Panama

Surse Pierpoint, CEO and director of the Colon Free Zone and ISPI Panama chapter will present and discuss the experience of Colon City transformation currently in its third year. Surse will bring his unique perspective as both a sponsor and champion of Colon's transformation and a critical and committed member of Colon's community.

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Roger Kaufman, PhD., CPT

Presenter, US

Roger Kaufman is a world authority and pioneer in strategic planning for social impact. Dr. Kaufman will present his unique experiences from US to Australia to Latin America in developing Megaplanning, a methodology for aligning organizations goals with measurable social impact.

Roger is founder of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), author of 32 books and professor Emeritus of the Florida State University and Research Professor at the Performance Improvement institute, first PhD, MBI and MSI of ISPI on social and organizational performance improvement.

Mariano Bernardez, PhD., CPT

Executive Director, Performance Improvement Institute, US

Mariano Bernardez will present his experiences and methodology for urban transformation and organizational social impact in US, Mexico, Panama, Argentina and Europe.

Bernardez is the author of six books in social and organizational performance and will discuss and apply his methodology for measuring and increasing social ROI for organizations.

Klaus Wittkhun


Klaus Wittkuhn is an expert in system thinking and models with vast experience in all the world. Klaus will help participants develop systemic models to address city challenges

Lynn Kearny

US, California

An expert in collaborative visual design, Lynn will conduct an application workshop with the participants

Cees Donkers, Architect


Cees is a celebrated urbanist and re-creator of industrial landscapes. His experience in Eindhoven will be applied to our program.

Roger Addison


Roger Addison is an expert in Performance Architecture, a methodology to bring social systems and cities to sustainable change. Roger will help participants identify and develop opportunities.

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