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Security and crime: a results & research-based approach

Proven strategies, expertise and global experience
The Performance Improvement Institute (PII) uses (and develops) results and research-tested strategies to build security one block at a time, reducing crime and anti-social behavior that breeds it.
Some of our world-tested, research-based strategies:
  • Building social capital: working on the ground with community leaders and developing trust. (see more)
  • Turning around anti-social behavior: crime and insecurity start on the streets, at home and in the family structure. City Doctors works with NGOs and churches, local leaders and educators to rebuild families and fight addictions and provide alternatives to crime.
  • Community policing
  • "Broken Windows" strategies
  • Make productive jobs replace crime:
  • Measure and communicate results
  • City Doctor App: know who's who and build social capital
  • Light is the best desinfectant:
City Doctors brings world-class teams and experts to assess needs and consult and coach on the ground, developing and leveraging local resources and competencies for all the areas involved in security and crime.
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