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Roger Kaufman

Roger Kaufman was professor emeritus at Florida State University where he received a Professorial Excellence award. He also has served as Research Professor of Engineering Management at the Old Dominion University; Norfolk; Virginia and associated with the faculty of industrial engineering at the University of Central Florida.

Roger Kaufman started the Performance Improvement Institute, first Ph.D. and MBI in Performance Improvement at the Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON) and is currently a fully international program affiliated with ISPI and InBIA and the Performance Improvement Global Network.
In 2014, the International Society for Performance Improvement instituted the Kaufman Award for Societal Performance.

In 2019, Roger Kaufman created the Kaufman Center at the Performace Improvement Institute to house permanently the Kaufman Awards, the Prahalad Awards, and a Think Tank dedicated to research, communication, and dissemination of new concepts in Societal Performance such as City Doctors, Nanoeconomics and other projects.

Roger's legacy lives on and grows with new generations of practitioners and scholars breaking new ground in the knowledge and practice of improving societal and organizational performance.

Interview on social impact  (Spanish)

Roger Kaufman's website

Interview on system thinking  (English)

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