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Roger Kaufman explains his concept of social value added and how he developed it.

Societal Value Added

The core of Roger Kaufman's concept of social impact is the imperative on including in all planning three levels of results:

  • Micro: the goods and services that organizations or teams deliver

  • Macro: the benefits that those Micro results bring to the organization to be sustainable and thrive (revenue, profits, market share, brand value, reputation)

  • Mega: the impact (positive or negative) that those Micro and Macro results bring to all stakeholders: customers (direct and indirect), shareholders, employees, communities, our shared, global world and future generations. -our children and grandchildren)

According to Kaufman, all elements of each organization (results, processes and resources) must be aligned to the three levels of results.

Societal impact can be measured using a double bottom line business case (Bernardez, 2009) and measuring both conventional and social returns on investment (ROI)

Societal Performance
Double Bottom Line

Roger Kaufman explains his Ideal Vision and Needs Assessment model

Minimal Ideal Vision

An Ideal Vision is a measurable statement of the kind of world we want to create together for tomorrow's child.

While it may not be achieved in our lifetime, it is any organization's common "guiding star" for thinking, planning, doing, and continuously improving.

Our Ideal Vision is as follows:

  • All people will live in a healthy, positive, safe, and satisfying environment where all things both survive and thrive.

  • There will be no losses of life or elimination or reduction of levels of well-being, survival, self-sufficiency, quality of life, livelihood, or loss of property from any source.

  • Poverty will not exist, and every person will earn at least as much as it costs to live (unless they are progressing toward being self-sufficient and self-reliant).

  • No adult will be under the care, custody, or control of another person, agency, or substance.

  • All adult citizens will be self sufficient and self-reliant as minimally indicated by their consumption being equal to or less than their production.

This Ideal Vision is a vision statement that forms the basis for truly strategic planning. Our publications, work and consulting address specifically how this is done, and highlight example contexts where this has been applied successfully, including in organizations or institutions you may already know or recognize.

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