Online certification programs

The Performance Improvement Institute offers 3-month all online, project-based certification programs with virtual classroom and personalized  coaching provided by expert instuctors on a series of areas such as:

  • Performance Improvement (Levels 1,2 and 3)

  • e-Learning design and development

  • e-Performance, virtual work and e-commerce

  • Client experience design

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Certification and standards

  • Return on Investment for training, talent deveiopment and HR programs

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Management of Business Incubation

This certificate program covers all the competencies for developing and managing startups and nesw projects.

The progfram is entirely online and based on managing real projects and startups.

Participants can earn the MBI degree by completing and accruing a program of practice-based online courses. 

The expert consultants and faculty at the MBI program tutor and supervise the projects.

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PhD in Social and Organizational Perfomance

This PhD program graduates new projects and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

MBI and MBA credits can be applied towards the PhD program

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