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Game-Changer Secrets of Social Performance LIVE

All human performance is social performance.
Human performance is a function of its social environment and a critical variable affecting it.

The Internet and social media have exponentially expanded social performance's social environment. AI-powered machines able to mimic and leverage human performance add a new layer of complexity and relevance to understanding social performance with a non-mechanistic approach.

After all, AI machines are no longer just programmed tools but learning devices. Their model is no longer an artifact but the human mind, language, and social development.

Let's start with a simple model of the dimensions of social performance at the individual level. We will use Venn diagrams that show overlapping and multiple instead of flowcharts that assume a fixed sequence.

Social Performance Dimensions

Societal performance involves three key dimensions:

(1) Interpersonal performance involves interactions and relationships based on feelings and emotions that create or erode trust, bonding, and bridging between individuals, primary groups, and organizations.

(2) Institutional performance involves performance concerning formal and informal rules of behavior that define and regulate societal performance, such as personal beliefs, values, ethics, adherence (or rejection) to cultural norms, and formal regulations.

(3) Organizational performance involves executing, organizing, and sustaining social performance -obtaining and providing the financial, material, and logistical means and resources- from the individual level (e.g., self-sufficiency, recycling) to the organizational (e.g., business, nonprofit) and social level (e.g., community and government performance)

Social Performance Levels

These three dimensions operate at three different levels:

  1. Individual level

  2. Organizational level

  3. Society / Community level



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