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"Unicorn" Troubles and the Necessity of Balanced Social Performance: Introducing the BSP Framework

By: Mariano Bernardez

Uber and Airbnb soared to remarkable heights until they were challenged by complex social dynamics—broken rules, disrupted communities, and regulatory pushback. These challenges underscore the need for a comprehensive understanding beyond financial metrics to the larger social ecosystem.

There was much more in reality than in a transactional business model or an apparently robust conventional balance sheet.

Just like the film "Cosmic Zoom" illustrates the delicate balance of the micro to the macro levels of reality, it's imperative for organizations to manage different layers of social interaction.

Cosmic Zoom

The film starts and ends with a boy with his dog rowing in a serene lake, capturing the dynamic, interdependent scales of existence we navigate daily. Like McLaren's visual journey, the Balanced Social Performance (BSP) framework offers a transformative lens for viewing individual, organizational, and societal performance metrics.

21st-century organizations must manage all three levels and dimensions of social performance

Understanding BSP Metrics

The Balanced Social Performance (BSP) framework integrates internationally recognized ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and B-Corp certification metrics.

Social performance has three key dimensions:

  1. Interpersonal Performance (ISP): Addresses emotions, feelings, and relationships.

  2. Organizational Performance (OSP): Focuses on financial, material, and logistical resources.

  3. Community/Social Performance (CSP): Encompasses broader community factors such as crime, poverty, and governance.

These dimensions operate at three nested levels:

  1. Individual Level: Individual abilities and emotional intelligence.

  2. Organizational Level: The effectiveness and ethics of organizations.

  3. Society/Community Level: Governance, infrastructure, and social values.

Just as "Cosmic Zoom" returns to the fisherman, symbolizing life's cyclical and dynamic nature, the BSP framework integrates these levels and dimensions into a comprehensive metric. This unified approach allows for targeted, cost-effective interventions, enabling more sustainable improvements that maximize social and traditional ROI.

Get to Know the Performance Improvement Institute

We invite you to explore the services offered by the Performance Improvement Institute, spanning both organizations and communities. You will find detailed information on the City Doctors Program, the PI Social Lab, and BSP Certification Programs here.

Colon City, Panama (2012-2016)

Barrio 31 Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014-present)

The Performance Improvement Institute (PII) is an international center that develops individual, organizational, and community social performance at all three levels and dimensions. PII has 20 years of experience on the creation of startups and improving the social performance of organizations and communities in Salta, Argentina, Colon City, Panama, and Barrio 31, Buenos Aires.

Coming Soon: A Comprehensive Guide by Mariano Bernardez

If the concept of BSP has captured your interest, stay tuned for a comprehensive book by Mariano Bernardez that delves deeper into this revolutionary approach to measuring and improving social performance, including experiences with City Doctors and training programs.

The Balanced Social Performance (BSP) framework isn't just another theoretical model; it's a holistic, multi-dimensional approach for evaluating and improving individual, organizational, and community performance. By seamlessly integrating well-recognized ESG, CSR, and B-Corp metrics, BSP empowers decision-makers to target interventions more effectively, resulting in higher ROI and societal impact.

The Performance Improvement Institute offers consulting and educational services from the City Doctors Program to BSP Certification Programs.

With proven expertise in advising startup creation and enhancing social performance across diverse geographies such as Salta, Argentina; Colon City, Panama; and Barrio 31, Buenos Aires, the institute is the go-to destination for any organization aiming for measurable, sustainable improvement. Our multi-faceted approach ensures that your initiatives are strategically aligned and well-executed, resulting in lasting positive change.


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