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Call for Candidates 
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Social Innovation is about how to make positive and lasting social impacts.

Social innovation comes in many flavors:

  1. Products and services that do well by doing good – from cell phones that help African farmers negotiate better prices for their perishable goods to millions of warm meals that prevent hunger and protect kitchen jobs-

  2. Simple yet effective ways to expand business, markets, credits

  3. Business models repurposed or reinvented to serve in new ways under new circumstances

  4. Art and culture -from rugs to clothing to food- that expand our world and reduce barriers to connect and prosper

C.K. Prahalad was a constant explorer and disseminator of social innovation first develop in Bottom Of Pyramid economies or developing societies that conquered developed, affluent ones and the other way around. Indian Dabbawallas inspired Uber Eats; Argentinean farmers’ canvas alpargatas turned into trendy TOM shoes; AT&T cell phones became viral in Africa and so on.

The Prahalad Awards look for all kinds of social innovation. Their mission is to showcase, and spread new, high impact practices and inspire emulation and thinking out of the box.

Let us know about your case or cases you know.

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