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social development

Fortune SuPoshan is a special project that binds the Adani Foundation’s three core areas of work – namely education, health and sustainable livelihood development – into one. It targets to alleviate malnutrition and anaemia among children in 0-5 years of age, adolescent girls, pregnant women, lactating mothers and women in the reproductive age.

This has been made possible by training SuPoshan Sanginis to go door to door and become a true partner in guarding the community’s health. A SuPoshan Sangini is a village health volunteer who plays a pivotal role in spreading awareness, referrals and promoting behavioural change among the target groups to achieve the project objectives.


We rescued approximately 2 Million pounds of food that was going to be disposed of because of overproduction. Instead of throwing it away, we were able to redistribute it to over 30,000 families in our community.

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social logistics

The CEDEL in Barrio MUgica - ordmerly the oldest and largest slum in Argentina- has enabled multiple infomral business to join the formal economy, helping hundreds of residents become financially self-sufficient.

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