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Societal Performance Models

Mariano Bernardez

What is the business of business? How can planners and investors anticipate the true chances of failure and success of a business idea? This article describes a rationale for developing successful new business based on a simple, sensible idea: the business of any business is to make its clients successful enough as to continue purchasing and recommending its products and services and continue to add value to all stakeholders. Using a double-bottom line, triple top line business case and a wealth creation flowchart, the author shows how to demonstrate measurable benefit as the core of a business proposition and engineer the creation and delivery of value based on a carefully designed client experience. This new technology, illustrated with examples of multiple business incubated at the Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON) , combines Roger Kaufman’s Organizational Elements Model –OEM- with Dale Brethower’s and Geary Rummler’s Anaotmy Of Performance –AOP- models in a simple, straightforward process and is supported by an extensive research bibliography.

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