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Thought leaders & founders - Lideres de pensamiento y fundadores

Thought leaders & pioneers

Our field -social, organizational and individual performance- has been established on solid research foundations from a vast array of disciplines.

Nuestro campo profesional -la performance individual, organizacional y social- se ha establecido sobre la base de solida investigacion de multiples disciplinas,

Click on our founders' images to learn more about their contributions and also on our framework.

Clicke en las imagenes de nuestros fundadores para aprender mas sobre sus contribuciones y tambien sobre nuestro campo profesional.

Peter Drucker 



Albert Bandura

Roger Kaufman

B.F. Skinner

Tom Gilbert

Geary Rummler

Robert Mager

C.K. Prahalad 

Jack Phillips

Edgar Dale

Joe Harless

Benjamin Bloom

Claude  Shannon

Norbert Wiener

Robert Gagne

Jerold Kemp

John George Kemeny

John Von Neumann

Jean Piaget

Jack Welch

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