Vision & Mission - Vision y Mision

We share a common Ideal Vision (MIV) for our shared world and we dedicate our network to help our members add value to all their stakeholders through the improvement of their individual, organizational and societal performance as measured by the MIV elements and indicators.


Compartimos una Vision Ideal (VIM) para nuestro mundo globalizado y dedicamos nuestra red a ayudar a nuestros miembros a agregar valor a nuestros clientes, colaboradores y conciudadanos mediante la mejora de la performance individual, organizacional y social medida en terminos de los elementos de la VIM y sus indicadores concretos.

Roger Kaufman habla sobre la Vision Ideal: Mega

Vision Ideal Minima (Roger Kaufman)

La Vision Ideal Minima desarrollada por Roger Kaufman es la vision comun que guia los esfuerzos de la Red Global para la Mejora de la Performance.

Agregar valor a la sociedad compartida es la base para poder generar valor sustentable -rentabilidad y viabilidad sostenida para las empresas y sus proposiciones de valor - y valor agregado a sus clientes y comunidades.

En esta reciente entrevista para el Congreso de Mejora de la Performance en Medellin, Kaufman mismo lo explica.

Ideal Vision - Mega - Roger Kaufman explains it in English

Minimal Ideal Vision by Roger Kaufman

Our Virtual Chapter follows Roger Kaufman's Minimal Ideal Vision as a shared "guiding star" focusing our contributions in adding positive value to our partners, customers and our share world, in which we are all stakeholders.

Learn more about from Dr Kaufman's himself.

The treasure at the bottom of pyramid - C.K. Prahalad

The treasure at the Bottom of the Pyramid (book)

Prahalad's work and his concept of "serving the world's poor, profitably", is another guding component of our Global Network's three-levels of performance (social, organizational and individual) linked and aligned.

Here late professor Prahalad explains the BOP concept.

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