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Uruguay's SINAE Honored with Prestigious International Kaufman Award

Kaufman Center CEO and COO present the award to SINAE and government representatives in Montevideo, acknowledging the nation's successful anti-COVID campaign

The award was presented to Major Lieutenant Sergio Rico, the Director of SINAE, who was pivotal in coordinating the country's response to the pandemic, and to Dr. Alvaro Delgado, the Secretary of the Presidency. The event was attended by representatives from the local government, the Red Cross, and Uruguay's Armed Forces, who were also decorated for their tireless efforts during the pandemic.

Uruguay's approach to managing the COVID-19 pandemic has been widely praised for its comprehensive and well-coordinated strategy, which included swift lockdown measures, efficient testing and tracing, and a successful vaccination campaign. By prioritizing public health and implementing robust policies, the country has emerged as an exemplary model for tackling the crisis on both national and international levels.
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