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Certification Credit Programs

Jun 01, 2020

Performance Improvement Level 1

Individual and team performance

Participants work in a project of their choosing using the HPIT to iprove individuals' or teams'  performance and results guided by personalzed teaching and coaching from PII experts.

The course last 3 months annd covers:

  • Five stages of a PI process (from needs assesment to implementation, evaluation and follow-up)

  • Diagnosing and improving all factors of a performance system:

    • Goals

    • Feedback

    • Support

    • Incentives

    • Competencies

    • Culture & context

    • Consequences

Jun 01, 2020

Organizational Performance - Level 2

Developing or turning around organizational performance

Participants work in a project of their choosing using the HPI methodology toimorove organizational performance and results guided by personalzed teaching and coaching from PII experts.

The online  course takes 3 months and covers:

  • Factors in organizational performance: 

  • Diagnosing and improving all factors of an organizational performance system:

    • Strategy

    • Client experience, value proposition

    • Processes

    • Support

    • Talent management

    • Value chain, networking & positioning

    • Financials (conventional P&L and Double-Bottom line accounting and budgeting)

    • Innovation in products and services

Participants learn tools and methods to engage all levels and areas of the organization in performance improvement

Jun 01, 2020

Social Performance - Level 3

Design and measure social impact, CSR, double bottom line metrics

Using Roger Kaufman's Megaplanning, and a  Double Bottom Line Business Case, participants develop and implement a project to measure and improve value added to organziation's stakeholders in areas such as:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility standards and metrics

  • Social impact measurement and double-bottom line business case

  • Client Experience - Client well-doing and well-being improvement

  • Community value added - sustainable jobs, investment,. impact of products and services

  • Employees value added: human capital (competencies, employability, creativity, productivity, quality of life, engagement)

  • Measure social and environmental value added in USD

Jun 01, 2020

e-Performance: Level 4

Methods and tools for virtual teams and companies

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Jun 01, 2020

PI Competencies (credits): Client Experience: Client-centered process & competences improvement

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Participants will learn how to apply to their own projects and organizations tools and methods to:

  • Desiggn a superior client experience

  • Evaluate and improve client's experience

  • Align processes and resources with a superior client experience

  • Measure client's experience quality

  • Value client experience (value proposition

Jun 01, 2020

PI Competencies (credits): Need Assessment & Impact Evaluation

This program will allow participants to:

  • Generate buy-in and collaboration by engaging stakeholders in defining priority issues from their own perspective

  • Analyze priority themes and related factors

  • Synthesize issues and illustrate relationships through system mapping

  • Generate relevant solution options

  • Use a solution analysis framework to select best solutions

Jun 01, 2020

PI Competencies (credits): ROI + : organizational and social return on investment

Double Top line and Bottom line Business Cases

The participants will be able to:

  • Create a business case for their projects

  • Identify conventional ROI

  • Measure social and environmental ROI

  • Mesure and quantity in dollars benefits for the project's clients

Jun 01, 2020

PI Competencies:: Design Thinking and Meta-collaboration for Disruptive Innovation

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Design thinking and meta-collaboration are ways of expanding our thinking about the practice of improving performance and achieving extraordinary results for people and the places where they live. How do we design behaviors and capabilities for ourselves for a "new normal" - where alternative mindsets, perspectives and arguments are not only more common, but an inevitable, desperately needed expression? How do we engage in ways that influence and inspire better collaboration that can be sustained?


This course is an interactive, principles-based journey to shared context, content and method. Participants will learn about practical, elegant, fun, and powerful principles, concepts, and methods for approaching the most challenging of problems, together.

Jun 01, 2020

PI Competencies (credits): OKR - OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULTS

OKR Certification for management and teams

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and identify Objectives and Key Results for their projects, business or customers

  • Measure and evaluate Key Results

  • Identify Key Results for all kinds of Objectives

  • Identify and correct ill-defined Objectives

  • Identify and correct ill-defined Key Results and replace them with measurable Key Results

  • Monetize all kind of Key Results

  • Use our OKR Excel templates for OKRs

  • Achieve certification in OKR methodology

Participants will see examples, templates and work on their own projects and cases

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