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Category: Social startups ot social projects

Programs, Products, services or business models that revolutionize the way we live and work and leverage social impact. Or new applications of existing technology. Think of cell phones in India or Africa...


Purpose: To recognize the continuous achievement of measurable positive societal impact by an individual or organization.

Qualifying Criteria (for candidate to be considered)

  • Documented history of tangible/measurable positive societal results/impacts spanning at least five years.

  • Recognized contributions to the community and society (as documented through media, other awards, etc.).

Distinguishing Criteria (for selection of candidates under consideration)

  • Has evidence of applying the principles of HPT through concepts, models, tools, or techniques.

  • Has significantly contributed to and supported others in creating positive societal results.

  • Has provided leadership in terms of guiding practice that results in positive societal consequences.

  • Has published or presented about their accomplishments.

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