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Elementos Argentinos

We came across a group of weavers who were struggling to sell their products out of season. We felt captivated by their story and work, and purchased many of their pieces in an attempt to support them, and once in Buenos Aires, put together a fair to sell their products. It was a complete success, as each piece was sold. At that very moment the idea for Elementos Argentinos was born.

In 2006 we opened up a small showroom in Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, and during the couple of years that followed we kept on travelling throughout the North in the search of the best weavers and craftsmen in the region. We were also eager to learn more: we took seminars of Andean textile art in the National Museum of Fine Arts, as well as a variety of classes on plant dyeing, spinning yarn with spindle, and loom weaving, not to mention entrepreneur courses to get ourselves ready for the future.



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