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Category: Outstanding Impact Concepts, Models & Innovation

Concepts, Frameworks, Ideas that have produced or help produce significant social impact and positive change.


Prosperity Paradox (2019)  Christensen, Ojomo & Dillon

Clayton M. Christensen, the author of such business classics as The Innovator’s Dilemma and the New York Times bestseller How Will You Measure Your Life, and co-authors Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon reveal why so many investments in economic development fail to generate sustainable prosperity, and offers a groundbreaking solution for true and lasting change.


The Third Pillar (2019)  Raghuram Rajan

This University of Chicago professor and former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund wants his new book to “reintroduce into the debate” the titular and neglected “third pillar” of community alongside the pillars of market and state that dominate modern society. Rajan says he is seeking “the right balance between them so that society prospers.” 

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